19°26‘05.8“N 99°07‘52.9“W by Maria Konschake

Object  /  Organic
Unwearable marble brooch object / body related object.

Statement: “About space and identity“ is a visualization of European cultural identity within the field of jewellery. It deals with the rooms, areas, zones and districts of European history and scrutinizes the connection between jewellery and cultural identity. 5 points of view show not only the plurality of the cultural memory, but also the European struggle between unity and diversity. “Vergessen” is a series of unwearable marble brooch objects that remind us of the things we lost. “Prägung" is a single pendant that relates to the things that shaped us. “Abgrund" is the abyss. The object refers to the lowest point we have ever reached in European history. “Abbild" is our portrait. The row of rings and the wall object visualize the permanence of the building as an observer of time. “Hoffnung" is hope. The cup series refers to the positive, shared vision of a European future.
Maria Konschake
19°26‘05.8“N 99°07‘52.9“W
Marble, steel.
8.5 x 8.5 x 4 cm
From series:
Photo by:
Maria Konschake

Estimated price: 2880 €

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