Distortion 2 by Marie Keller

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Throughout the centuries people have been trying to create the ideal form. For me, this ideal form is linked with monotony and boringness. However, a distortion of the ideal form results in a deformation, a transformation with a new exciting tension.
I chose the sphere as the ideal shape.  Through deconstructing a spherical object and reconstructing it as a piece of jewellery, one can see the two phases: the ideal form and the distorted form.
Changing the closing-system of a jewellery piece is another way to implement distortion. The traditional way of putting on jewellery by opening and closing a clasp is replaced by undrawing, unzipping or pushing parts of the sphere. I have made the first range of pieces during this project, but can see distortion become a permanent source of inspiration for my work.
Marie Keller
Distortion 2
Steel, hauberk, metal zipper..
20 x 20 x 40 cm
From series:
Distortion of the Ideal

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