Coso by Marina Coso Garcia

Body piece  /  Organic
Published: 10.12.2021
Marina Coso Garcia
Body piece
Alabaster, orange wood, orange essence.
8.5 x 7 x 4 cm
Photo by:
Carles Casas
Unique piece
Who am I? Where I come from?
Everybody wants to know the answer. Now, I want to answer it too. That’s why I’ve been looking for my family roots, nature, the environment and the landscapes. Materializarme has been created by the body and for the body giving attention to the senses: the touch, the smell, the sight…The alabaster represents me because it has a strong appearance, but actually is soft. The glass and the orange wood are the environment where we grow up. And the orange essence and the olive oil have the meaning of my family roots.
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