The Forest Princes that Hibernates in the Woods by Mariona Piris

-You, that hibernates in the woods, wake up! ¿Don’t you see that if you sleep spring will ignore you?
The princess smiled…
-With my eyes closed I can dream whatever I want; I dream of blossoming cherries on the riversides, tall, imposing, sweet, letting their flowers fall and caress my hands and my eyelashes. I dream of chestnuts sprouting and changing the colors and the smells of the velvet mountains. The stems pick up the leaves as if they where windows, they then show all their splendor, the sensuality of delicate, translucent, attractive colors. They are, in fact, irresistible for the bees, who love them with the music of a nap.
¡How delighted I feel dreaming on the spring!

-But, princess of the mountains…you’re still sleeping, you’re still hibernating…
Her eyes dropped three tears: sadness, craving, and longing for the unknown. They fell on the ground, under her cheek. These three tears awoke a little seed, her porcelain roots nourished out of the feelings of the forest’ princess. And so grew a plant. It’s leaves tickled, caressed and gently woke her up…spring was finally able to arrive.
This short story, this piece, are witness of my talent in self-deluding, I have been able to dream of happiness and feel happy without really being so.
With this medal, I award truthfulness.

Mariona Piris
The Forest Princes that Hibernates in the Woods
Olive wood, silver, clockwork
58 x 158 x 16 cm

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