Compagno by Marleen Bauer, Henrieke Neumeyer, Vaia Tatopoulou

Textile  /  Minimalism   Geometric   Fashion
Bag, table cloth, or picnic blanket.

The basic question in the project was: “How can object-related boundaries in the process of eating first be made visible, gradually overcome, and finally strengthen through interaction the social structure during eating?” Eating is an everyday occurrence, but conditioned through a multitude of aspects - including space, time, history, rituals, social environment, utensils. Eating usually takes place at a table with plates that are connected by a tablecloth that is supposed to protect and decorate the table and at the same time can provide an opportunity for communication. The “Compagno” project (Latin: com - with and panis - bread) refers to the person with whom the bread is shared. The place for this is a strip of fabric that can be unfolded to different lengths - depending on the relationship between the participants - the less intimate it is, the greater a distance can be created. The unfolded length of fabric is accompanied by napkins and light bamboo bowls. The scene can be extended to an unlimited number of people with additional lengths of fabric. The aim is to reinterpret movement sequences, to break culture-related conventions, to allow playful sequences to arise: “The performative character of the process should strengthen the community-building effect of eating. Unfamiliar experiences with oneself and the other person while sharing and exploring culinary objects correlate with new dynamics of collective dining. Instead of following traditional and tested rituals, one embarks on an experiment that can be experienced regardless of cultural and social background."
Marleen Bauer
Henrieke Neumeyer
Vaia Tatopoulou
Cotton, polyester.
Folded: 70 x 40 x 8 cm; Unfolded: 354 x 40 x 1 cm
Photo by:
Marleen Bauer, Henrieke Neumeyer, Vaia Tatopoulou

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