Reflect Upon Yourself by Marth Audenaert


We live in an era where individuality and ego, the central part of someone’s personality, are being prioritised. This evolution where self-glorification and self-promotion come first can often stand in the way of caring for others. On the other hand, having the property of vanity and self-love is very much needed. It causes us to do good in life, it provokes ambition, it basically creates progression. Playing with this contradiction I implemented elements which we almost automatically associate with vanity such as oval shapes, mirrors and reflection into the jewellery. While wearing the pieces, you’re (in)directly reminded of your own vanity. The neckpieces and rings aren’t chosen randomly: ever in your own reach, you can find your reflection.
Marth Audenaert
Reflect Upon Yourself
Gold plated brass.
9.6 x 7 x 3 cm
From series:
Reflect Upon Yourself

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