Grey Blossom by Martina Hierweck

Necklace  /  Geometric   Organic

I get inspired by everything that surrounds me – shapes, colours, sounds, smells, lyrics, everyday scenes. While designing a school project I became aware of the matter of the materiality. From that on sustainability became an important part of my jewellery design process. I focused on materials from natural sources. The neck- and arm pieces “Fantastic Plastic” consist of bio plastics and wooden sheeting (100% cellulose), the necklace “Grey Blossom” is made of vegan paper leather and “FishY” is created of salmon leather. One of the positive side effects is that the objects are completely biodegradable. With the left-over material from the laser cut chain links of the jewellery pieces I produced further objects and products like lampshades and bags. I followed the “cradle-to-cradle-concept.
Martina Hierweck
Grey Blossom
Vegan paper leather, lasercut.
Photo by:
Martina Hierweck

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