Pinch by Megan Kuo

Brooch  /  Abstract
Published: 22.09.2019
Megan Kuo
Copper, brass, bamboo strip.
8 x 10 x 5 cm
Photo by:
Tsung Yi Lin

Bamboo mat is part of my memory growing up. It is a necessity for every home in subtropical Taiwan. People lay the bamboo mat flat on the bed when summers arrive and roll it for storage in the closet in fall. The traditional bamboo mat is woven with parallel bamboo strips. The surface is cool and helps people sleep better in the summer heat. However, when lying on top of the traditional bamboo mat, your skin and hair would often be pinched by the gap between the bamboo strips that cause fragmented flesh pulling when you get up. This tiny pain became part of the process growing up and resembled the subtle sadness and anxiety in life, leaving me a vivid memory.
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