Untitled by Megan Martin

Neckpiece  /  Organic
I have taken inspiration from urban plant life and the environments they grow in - pushing their way through cracks in the pavement, hanging out from walls, and so on. These plants are often overlooked and unwanted, but I find their appearance fascinating, particularly the fact that they look alien alongside these unnatural, man-made surroundings. Form and shape are key factors within my work, and as a way of highlighting this, I have subtracted the colours where possible in order to make more of a statement with the shape of my jewellery against the body. This is something that I observed in the plant life that I took inspiration from, with the bold green standing out against the artificial grey of the environment it grows in. I have worked with a combination of porcelain and metal in order to try and replicate the stark contrast between plant life and artificial structures.
Megan Martin
Steel, porcelain.
20 x 20 x 5 cm
Photo by:
Megan Martin

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