Voluptuous Cloud by Mengting Zou

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Published: 09.12.2021
Mengting Zou
Voluptuous Cloud
Copper, enamel, lustre, stainless steel wire
Photo by:
Mengting Zou
From series:
Voluptuous Cloud

I researched ideologies from the Tang Dynasty and discovered different views on body image.  The Chinese idiom 环肥燕瘦 (Huan Fei Yan Shou), literally means “Yang Yuhuan’s chubbiness is as beautiful as Zhao Feiyan’s slenderness”. 
The voluptuous cloud lady series uses the changing form of clouds to express the view that different body types have their own aesthetics, and people should embrace their uniqueness rather than follow contemporary ideals. 
Within my work, both repoussé and enamel are employed to represent traditional metal techniques of the past. 
The iridescent Perspex and clear VIVAK series are vacuum formed using the repoussé form as a mould and this material creates a mirroring dream like quality representing changing contemporary ideals.
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