Chronos, Kairos by Merel Gooskens

Bracelet  /  Minimalism   HighTech   Design
Bracelet, ring and time device 

Chronos and Kairos are based on a Greek concept: Chronos is the scientific measurement of time, and Karios is the experience of time. The latter consists of moments the current universal time system (Chronos) cannot satisfy because, in Kairos, personal feelings are embodied by time. This problem is related to today's society, in which time works against us. The object and the jewellery act as systems to communicate the time and pace of the wearer. Because of the different speeds that can be given to the object, the system is personal and flexible, something the current time system is not. These pieces allow users to live according to their sense of time.

The jewellery must be worn at different times when the wearer wants to show the pace and experience of time of a particular moment to the outside world. By adjusting the system, this project proposes a speculative alternative to the fixed and impersonal time system that is currently in use. 
Merel Gooskens
Chronos, Kairos
Sterling silver, goldplated silver, Plexiglass, brass, battery, electronic modules 
Device: 15 x 9 x 6 cm Ring: 1.8 cm Bracelet: 5.5 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Merel Gooskens

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