Playful Nest by Meytar Hacham

Textile  /  Figurative   Playful
Weaving, printing, embroidery, hand sewing, machine sewing.
Plants object.

Meytar Hacham created a series of playful and architecturally-looking miniature objects that were designed based on colour studies and are intended to combine the aspects of indoor plants and playfulness. She got the stimulus from the planting of her balcony. In this context, she dealt with the processes of germination and plant reproduction. For this purpose, she constructed soft, small objects for combining several plants, studied shape and colour, and created her own textiles and textile connections. Different surfaces and ways of joining fabrics with different embroidery stitches were tested. The colour palette chosen refers to the colourfulness of flora and vegetation so that the textiles harmonize with the plants. A polyester thread is used to connect the fabrics, which is characterized by its sheen and durability. Meytar Hacham wove the fabrics on an industrial loom and screen-printed them. The Japanese ikebana formed the inspiration for the arrangement of the individual elements. The result is bizarre, playful miniature worlds in which textiles and plants are combined in a very unusual way.

Meytar Hacham
Playful Nest
Sponge, polyester, cotton.
25 x 29 x 25 cm
Photo by:
Ariel Medina

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