People in the room by Mian Wu

Brooch  /  Conceptual

I received the theme “Sentient Beings” during the period of COVID-19 crisis. One day, I was in my room and thinking about what I can do. Suddenly, a "little man" emerged, which recalled my ability to talk to the people in the room when I was a kid. And then they came out one by one from the sink, the wall, and the ceiling.
I hope the meanings of these small objects (brooches) remain obscure, just like Virginia Woolf’s writing "The Mark on the Wall" when they stand alone. You may guess it were a drop of water or tear, a spoon, or a balloon. It is just like the first time that I found them, which gave me a joyful surprise and meanwhile a sense of suspense. I would be glad if you get a smile on your face when you find a "little people" in your own room.
When I see those figures, I am no longer feeling alone.
Mian Wu
People in the room
Silver, gold leaf.
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People in the room

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