Hand Object 1 by Michelle Chung

Body piece  /  Geometric   OnBody
Published: 02.12.2021
Michelle Chung
Body piece
Hand Object 1
Jesmonite, plywood. 
7 x 6.5 x 4 cm
Unique piece

Living in London and observing the changes within the urban environment has significantly contributed to my practice and area of research. The current research investigates physical built environments inhabited as a visual stimulus with the aim of creating site-specific objects designed for a particular location and that have an interrelationship with the body.
Utilising the body as the landscape, I have been exploring how jewellery objects become the architecture positioned and developed in relation to that landscape. Whilst continuing to challenge the boundaries of wearability and the body’s silhouette, as a contemporary jeweller, I perceive jewellery to be an extension of the human body. At present the current body of research has allowed my work to be more explorative, futuristic, and editorial, which has contributed towards beginning to identify with the field of avant-garde fashion.
The materials I have used in this series reflect the qualities of those used in built environments and are limited in this collection to jesmonite and plywood.

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