Concrete Head Old Lady by Mihaela Coman

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Published: 02.08.2019
Mihaela Coman
Concrete Head Old Lady
Bronze, brass, concrete.
8.2 x 6.5 cm
Photo by:
Mihaela Coman

Mihaela Coman is a narrative jeweller, she’s interested in people and she’s inspired by literature and history. She retells stories through figurative and sculptural jewellery.
Empowered by the freedom of expression that jewellery can offer, she hopes that her work is an authentic, sincere and honest expression of her ideas and emotions.
Her Major Project consists of a collection of narrative jewellery made with conventional techniques and tools, which describes the atmosphere and the daily life during communism as she experienced and researched it.
Mihaela recreates the communist atmosphere using symbols of the daily life: the queues for goods, the bags as permanent accessory, the buildings, the concrete apartment blocks, the books, which would act as an escape at the time and the people, in their most common hypostasis, randomly walking down streets carrying a bag, obsessed with finding some food.
Making jewellery that stands for people’s life stories makes sense to her.
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