Untitled by Miks Vigni

Necklace  /  Narrative
Martina is dead now.
It could not be otherwise, she could not stay all her life in front of me, taking my place, my life, and using it as her own.
And maybe Martina never even existed, maybe she was just a reflection of what you wanted her to be.
How she died you might wonder, well suicide, sort of.
She wanted to kill herself, I just helped.
I’m the result of her death and the cause.
I’ve always been with her, but I’ve never been her.
All I had to do was die a little, to survive.
But while she died, they were born.
I reborn.
I decided to take that body that never belonged to me and make it mine.
Now I can finally be what I’ve always wanted.
Look like I always dreamed.
Martina has died,
but Miks is born,
and they are not going to leave.

Miks Vigni
Silicon, magnets, foam
20 x 5 x 200/220 cm
Unique piece

From series:
Catharsis (they killed her)

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