To Home Nº.1 by Minyeol Cho

Brooch  /  Geometric   OnBody   Architecture
Coiling, stacking.

Minyeol Cho's brooches are based on the character of the materials and his own associated ideas. For him, materials form the basis for new experiments and design ideas. The brooches in the series “to home” are made from textiles, denim, hemp, and cotton. He transforms the flat, planar fabric into a three-dimensional shape by stacking and wrapping it around, experimenting with the possibilities of the materials, exploring elements of texture and shape. This also includes bleaching and colouring the material. Minyeol Cho understands the work in repetitive steps as part of his material experiment. The result of this experiment is sculptural works of surprising form. The structure in fine layers gives them an unusual surface quality, which is emphasized by the contrasting colours of the outer and inner surfaces.

Minyeol Cho
To Home Nº.1
Denim, hemp, sterling silver.
8 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm
Photo by:
Sangdeok Han

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