HOMUTATION. Die Hominisation als Mutation by Miriam Boehmerle

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My brooch deals with the issue that the Homo Sapiens could be a kind of mutation because of its questionable way to the top of the food chain.The tooth symbolizes the connecting thread between all human species because its form is known to be one of the few aspects which distinguished them from other human ancestors. The wire rack represents a schematic depiction of Darwins phylogenetic tree and the tourmaline stands for the marking on a map which says „you are here“. This plays with the idea that the Homo Sapiens is on a journey and that the Mutation isn’t at its end.
Miriam Boehmerle
HOMUTATION. Die Hominisation als Mutation
Sterling silver, stainless steel, tourmaline.
8 x 5 cm
From series:
Mutation of Tradition
Photo by:
Dora Kuthy

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