Iron Moon I by Mischa Currie

Brooch  /  Organic
Brooch / pendant with Vessel.
Statement: Ever captivated by the unseen forces that govern and shape our world, this collection is determined by exploration and celebration of the interconnected realms of science and art, focusing in particular on the laws of physics and their intrinsic influence on our physical experience and reality. Methodical studio experimentation and inquisitive scientific observation of ferromagnetic materials are combined with creative enquiry and scientific properties to reveal mesmerising visual examples of physical laws, within these jewellery pieces. Applying a knowledge-sharing philosophy, encouraging cross-boundary collaboration to experience a fuller understanding of existence, this collection represents curious, wearable objects that exist in response to seemingly unrelated yet intrinsically interwoven cross-disciplinary conversations.
Mischa Currie
Iron Moon I
Silver, iron, glass, resin.
7.5 x 7.5 x 4 cm

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