The Love Hate Relationship by Moana Andreani

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While people wish to be unique, they also feel the need to belong to a specific group. In my investigation into the different accessories and attributes that reinforce the online and offline persona of a whole range of groups, I found there is an overarching attribute. An object is worn close to the body by anyone, regardless of class, social status or age: the smartphone.
‘Imago’ is a series of jewellery, using the 
Iphone as a metaphor. This jewellery is made out of precious looking materials. The archetype of the iPhone is minimalised to its contours, empty frames and details with, hinting of the superficial. It is about the online persona versus the offline persona, the gray area between real and unreal.
Moana Andreani
The Love Hate Relationship
Sterling silver.
12 x 7 x 1 cm
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