Stil Even by Mus Ruijg

Installation  /  Design
Print design, ceramic design, furniture design.

With her work, Mus Ruijg tries to draw attention to the everyday things in our environment, as she fears that the wealth of available objects threatens that the value of simple objects will be overlooked. She tries to counteract this by animating these simple things. Through her project, everyday objects should be experienced anew. The project changes their context, gives them a new purpose with the intent to allow a fresh look at them and thus to surprise. The subject of “Stil even” is the value of craft, the beauty of handicraft, and the emotional attachment to objects. Mus Ruijg invites us to take an unhurried look at the beautiful things with which people surround themselves. In “Stil even” she employs the moment of surprise and alienation by playfully using textile – in the form of a striped shirt. The shirt serves as a tablecloth and vessels seem to develop from it; the sleeves of the shirt become the legs of an already delicate chair. In general, the fragility of the installation makes it clear that these are not objects for daily use, but rather symbolic objects, the aim of which is content-related. In terms of her own position, it is important to Mus Ruijg not to commit to any genre, but rather to move between the different areas. This gives her freedom and the space to discover new things.

Mus Ruijg
Stil Even
Textile, ceramics, furniture.
250 x 300 x 300 cm
Photo by:
Jelle Raap

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