Untitled by Myrthe Lefèvre

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The project 'First Base' is all about physical pleasure. From fidget objects to massage elements and sex toys. Objects for physical pleasure (and certainly for sexual pleasure) remain a taboo subject. Many people have them in their homes, but they are often hidden in cupboards or under beds. As if we should be ashamed to seek pleasure. Through a collection of surprising objects, I am trying to change that. One way I do this is by deliberately not working with the typical silicone materials and bright colours of sex toys. 

Throughout my process, I have been working on shapes that are subtle and do not scream 'SEX'. These objects can be used as design objects but also for physical pleasure. As the title 'First Base' suggests, this is only the first step in my research. These objects are prototypes and not yet usable as sex toys. I see this phase in the project as a 'dating experience' I have had with the concept and material. The next step is to move on to 'Second Base' and develop the objects further. The shapes will be evaluated and modified, and I will conduct more thorough material research. In this way, I want to develop the objects so they can be produced and used.
Myrthe Lefèvre
3 x 8 x 8.5 cm
Unique piece

From series:
First Base

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