Cityscape vases by Nadj Kim Schlenker

Vase  /  Abstract
Assemblaging, slipcasting.

In her work, Nadja Schlenker refers to Italo Calvino's equation of the city with a dream that is composed of wishes and fear, a place where everything is mysterious and deceptive. She herself sees the city as a collage, to which new things are constantly being added and something is frequently changing. This struck her especially in Beirut, a city with a long history, full of pulsating life and in constant growth. However, this city is mostly perceived as being shaped by unrest and war. Nadja Schlenker uses vases and furniture objects to create an imaginary city that is inspired by the architecture, the sea, and the colours of Beirut, as well as by personal memories. Nadja Schlenker sees her work as an “an ode to the city whose beauty lies in the hidden layers, […] Personal associations are woven into the experience as the first impression slowly changes.” She transforms objects by cutting, mixing, collaging, and putting them together to put them in a new context, to allow a new perspective. Individual details are highlighted in an irritating way, materials alienated. The vases have a dance-like, elongated appearance, the furniture is reminiscent of stones overgrown with moss.

Nadj Kim Schlenker
Cityscape vases
86 x 27 x 25 cm
Photo by:
Nadj Kim Schlenker

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