Home In My Eyes by Nancy Chen

Brooch  /  Abstract
Published: 22.09.2019
Nancy Chen
Home In My Eyes
Egg shell, brass.
9 x 9 x 6 cm
Photo by:
Tsung Yi Lin

Home is a very important existence to me, which brings me lots of comforts and energy. I was born in the countryside of Pingtung, Taiwan. Our house has the character of traditional Taiwanese architecture, with family last name and antithetical couplet engraved around the gate. My grandparents built this house with their hard-earned savings when they were young. My father grew up here and my brother and I were also born here. This house gradually showed rotted conditions just like the process of ageing in life. Although lives pass and change, the important moments are always preserved in the memories. No matter how the reality changes and where I am, the corners and images of the old house can always arise in my mind.
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