Cave Painting Series (finest nut variation) by Nata Togliatti

Installation  /  Installation   Conceptual
Oil, tempera on cardboard.

The series of the cycle “Cave Painting” comprise installations in oil and tempera painting, which take up decorative elements from the apartment where Nata Togliatti spend her childhood in Russia. With the title, she refers to prehistoric cave paintings in which thoughts and experiences were converted and represented. She sees herself as the "hunter of our time". The work is based on an autobiographical approach: patterns and ornaments trigger unconscious memories of childhood, convey a feeling of home and protection. The paintings reflect motif excerpts from wallpaper patterns. They serve Nata Togliatti as hold in an uncertain future and as a basis for dealing with questions about the origins and beginning, with memories, but also with responsibility for the future. Used, discarded packaging from the supermarket serves as a medium for the paintings. The colours are produced by herself using traditional methods. Nata Togliatti would like to pursue her art as independently of financial investments as possible.At a closer look traces of use and damage are visible. The colourful works with their traditional patterns are irritating due to the combination with a free, dynamic ductus and the additive composition of surfaces. Only on closer inspection, the irregular shape of the works becomes recognizable as unfolded packaging.

Nata Togliatti
Cave Painting Series (finest nut variation)
251 x 175 x 4 cm
From series:
Cave Painting
Photo by:
Nata Togliatti

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