My Story in Macramé by Nathalie Brack

Necklace  /  Conceptual   OnBody
Semester project 2021
My project tells a personal and individual story about communication with materials in the context of their and my environment. I dealt with the meaning and origin of Macramé, a knotting technique from Asia. With the focus on the talismanic thoughts – immersion, and strengthening – I created my own active ritual, which combines two materials relevant to my object: cotton and paper. Through an intensive design process, I let these materials work on me in terms of their look, feel, and knotting options using various knotting techniques, as well as the way in which they interact with each other. In addition to knots, thoughts and concepts emerged that flowed directly into the object, associatively and interweavingly, as narrators of my thoughts about the talismanic. My artistic impulse is thus passed on to viewers and wearers. By wearing the jewellery, they are invited to convey their own story, to tell it and make it visible.
Nathalie Brack
My Story in Macramé
Cotton, paper
Unique piece

Photo by:
Lara Köhler

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