Bird Bath by Nellie Jonsson

Object  /  Abstract
Glazed stoneware.

In her sculptures, Nellie Jonsson deals with domestic situations, with everyday life. She reflects on functions and situations from this context. She uses animal figures to give her works a special mood, to make them look funny and at the same time a little mysterious. The works are characterized by a certain rawness in the articulation and the surfaces. This is a concern of Nellie Jonsson, as she wants to maintain a direct approach to ceramic. That is why she prefers unglazed surfaces and mixes many different types of clay. She also plays with the tension between two- and three-dimensionality by repeatedly integrating flat surfaces into her work. She understands this as a kind of fake two-dimensional feature since an object is always perceived as three-dimensional. From these considerations and based on the deliberately coarse language of forms and the collage elements, objects full of humour, dynamic, bizarreness, and a certain naivety are created.

Nellie Jonsson
Bird Bath
Stoneware, concrete, textile.
18 x 35 x 24 cm
Photo by:
Nellie Jonsson

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