What if? by Nonna Postolenko

Object  /  Figurative

In her work, Nonna Postolenko deals with the visualization of the past, present, and above all the future. In view of the ubiquitous current uncertainty, it was her concern to reflect on her life in order to gain a clear, concise picture, to consider what has happened and what could still happen. She divided her thoughts into different groups such as art, family, past, present, and future. She differentiates between what her life might be like if she stayed in Russia or the Czech Republic. She uses Russian and Czech folk painting as a stylistic model, which is intended to ease orientation and reading for the viewer. Nonna Postlenko’s work serves as a medium to reflect on her possible respective future in the two countries. She embraces this with humour and irony. The work takes up current topics such as Covid-19, but also general topics such as dealing with one's own self-centeredness. With individual figures, a few props, and painting, Nonna Postolenko creates small scenes that live entirely from gestures and postures, which help to decipher the scenes.

Nonna Postolenko
What if?
150 x 60 x 20 cm

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