Body Bilder by Nora Kirschmeier

Photograph  /  Conceptual
Published: 13.08.2021
Nora Kirschmeier
Body Bilder
Photo by:
Nora Kirschmeier
Unique piece

Body Bilder. Pictures of Bodies, but also Bodies that are built and constructed. We form our bodies not only by training certain muscles: We form our self-perception, our ideals in terms of our perception of our own Body and the Bodies surrounding us, which is significantly imprinted by our social contacts, media, and society. We form and are being formed. In my work, I focused on the question if and under which circumstances it is possible to establish an aesthetics that is gender diverse in our society, and moreover, how current categories affect our perception of Bodies. While these categories are not given by nature but are continuously being constructed by society, human sight offers an individual construction: It is built from what two eyes see and combined with the individual experiences the brain holds. We see Bodies through other Bodies. Together with 14 people, I have developed new perspectives on Bodies, claiming the viewer's confrontation with the seen and emphasizing the diversity in Body forms assumed to be evolutionarily frozen.
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