Pferd (Horse) by Oliver Neu

Sculpture  /  Figurative

Oliver Neu constructs abstract animal sculptures from porcelain fragments or combines stoneware and porcelain in a way that is technically problematic from the outset so that damage in the form of cracks is to be expected. This manufacturing process with its various, uncontrollable influences creates fragile individual pieces. The animal sculptures are characterized by abstraction, clear silhouettes, angular forms, and a multitude of cracks, which make them appear mysterious and fragile. They appear reduced to their essence – an effect which contributes to the pure white colour and the renouncement of colourful accents that could at the same time be associated with a naturalistic appearance.

Oliver Neu
Pferd (Horse)
Stoneware, porcelain.
58 x 25 x 47 cm
Photo by:
Helge Artikus

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