Untitled by Paige Baitey

Brooch  /  Abstract
Published: 03.06.2020
Paige Baitey
Laser rubber, recycled cork, steel pins.
8 x 3 cm
From series:
Work in progress
Brooch, digital development.

Statement: Positivity of materiality in objects of design is the focus of this collection of wearables. How emotional support, through tactility, functionality, wearability and manipulation, might be offered to users, is explored in these artefacts. Specifically, materials such as cork, balsa wood, paper, card and other palpable features are incorporated within the base of the designs to achieve the desired illusionary experience. The final results are realised by means of digital manipulation, with each pattern worked up in adobe illustrator, creating a networked, pre-prepared plan that translates into finished pieces with maximum movement and connectivity with each component, including acrylic, leather and laser rubber. Ultimately, the collection presents the user/wearer with a multidimensional experience, pieces of jewellery that can be deconstructed, to act as autonomous objects that exist alone comfortably, while remaining supportive, physical and substantial when worn or handled.
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