Saltwick Bay by Paige Newall

Brooch  /  Organic

Influenced by the sea and the effect it has on objects, most of the objects I use have been found along the shores of Whitby through beach combing. I find myself drawn to this place, behind its dull rainy exterior lies pops of colour, bustling narrow streets and treasures in hidden nooks and crannies. I have incorporated Ammonite and Belemnite fossils alongside silver, using this precious material to fix and transform these fragile objects. This work examines the relationship between found and created objects and recreating the idea behind these found objects by incorporating new material. Within my work, I view the found objects as a precious material also and through the deconstruction and reconstruction of these items it allows me to transform them into new interesting pieces. Things I find become sentimental to me through experience and memory and transforming them into something then wearable I feel is important as a maker so these precious items we find don’t just sit around collecting dust but can be worn and shared stories through.
Paige Newall
Saltwick Bay
Sterling silver, ammonite, stainless steel.
8 x 2 x 7 cm
Photo by:
Paige Newall

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