Untitled by Paula Repp Álvarez

Object  /  Minimalism   Design   Geometric

Paula Repp-Alvarez’s silver objects have a restrained, simple shape and combine functionality and a certain sculptural monumentality. Paula Repp-Alvarez reduces the objects to basic forms and creates unusual but harmonious objects through the carefully considered use of surface structure, displacement, and combination of materials. She works with sheet silver, which she folds, bends, mills, solders, and deforms with a hammer. The striving for monumentality, for just a little too much, is intended. In the case of the bowl, her interest in ovals and the concern for multiple uses becomes obvious. This is implemented in the mixture of tray and bowl elements on the side, whereby the traditional shape of a bowl is lost. The pepper mill was designed with the desire for a sculptural shape and a deviation from the expected. In preparation of the work, paper models or paper cuts are created. In her work, Paula Repp Alvarez deals with her own impatience by conceiving objects that demand a lot of patience from her.

Paula Repp Álvarez
Silver 925, steel.
29 x 10 x 10 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Luzia Huber

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