Asparagus Order of Doberlug by Peter Bauhuis

The Asparagus Order of Doberlug (it symbolises the pleasurable slurped asparagus tips)
The decoration is said to be handed over to the farmer with the most fertile land by the annually elected Aspara- gus-Princess (Southwestern Region of Lower Lusatia, Saxony, Germany, not far from the Polish border). During the time of the German Democratic Repu- blic (1949-89), we are told, it had been seen as a relict of the feudalistic exploi-tation of the farmers. (instead the de- corations „Hero of Labour“ and „Praise of the Asparagus Cutter“ were given to the best rural workers.) In 1991 the Order was reinstalled in its original meaning. The primal, longtime approved, very naturalistic shape of the sprouting aspargus as motive for the order was seen as inappropriate by the Catholic Sorbian minority in Southwest Lower Lusatia and after a strong campaign a new and contemporary design for the award was created. The motive was also used for advertising an asparagus spears packet soup by a big food company in 2001.
Peter Bauhuis
Asparagus Order of Doberlug
Zinc silver, textile
6 x 6,5 x 3,2 cm

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