Schmuckstück 51 by Philipp Missaghi

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The piece reflects on photo 51, an X-ray diffraction image of crystallized DNA, from 1952 that was the result of the research by the British scientist Rosalind Franklin. Although the image and Franklin´s work changed our understanding of DNA and can therefore be understood as the basis of modern day science, her achievements only received recognition recently.
The material and form of the piece of
jewellery were chosen to incorporate the materiality of images therefore photographs, light and shadow. Silver was chosen for its pale colour and for being the metal to reflect the most light. The composition of the piece in two layers allows direct light to shine through the acrylic glass, creating shadows where the glass is engraved and therefore recreating the act of making a shadow image. The structure also allows the shadows to wander, creating movement and realising the moment the picture of DNA was taken. The tubing at the back allows the wearer to choose whether they want to wear the piece as a brooch or a pendant, for which there are two different possibilities of hanging it.
Philipp Missaghi
Schmuckstück 51
Silver, acrylic glass, dental wire.
5 x 8 cm
From series:
Mutation of Tradition
Photo by:
Dora Kuthy

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