Flat Ring by Pia David


Fake it till you make it! Do keep this aphorism in mind while looking at the project @jewelleryli(k)es. Within the project, jewellery is seen as a social lie inspired by Instagram as a (social) medium. Pia David plays with the idea that everything can be used as a part of the image. Instagram takes centre stage.  The white lie lies in the analogue translation of the Instagram fake. This is expressed in three groups of work: painted two-dimensional jewellery, pieces with quotes for the sane and sensible and glass ‘filters’ as adornment for the world surrounding us.
#jewellerylikes #jewellerylies #contemporaryjewellery #piadavidjewellery #socialmediajewellery  #instagrampretty #honestlife #flat #image #analogue #sociallie #statement #filter #socialmedium
Pia David
Flat Ring
Brass, lacquer.
5 x 5 x 0.1 cm
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