Annihilation by Qian Xu

Body piece  /  OnBody   Organic
Annihilation is the process by which matter collides with its counterpart antimatter and disappears and produces energy such as high-energy photons, for example, the collision of an electron with a positron, also known as mutual destruction, phase cancellation, and pair annihilation. The same is true of humans and viruses, which are in a state of eternal phase extinction. Maybe human beings can never avoid malaria, but think of it in another way, the virus makes the human immune system passively enhance evolution. The author has created a series of brooches based on lungs, using metal etching and metal plating, a pair of positive and negative plus and minus techniques, to express the contradictory relationship between human beings and malaria, which are in a state of mutual restraint but have to seek for coexistence and coexistence.
Qian Xu
Body piece
44.5 x 30 x 17 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Chaolong Zhao

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