Yan by Qichao Liu

Brooch  /  Architecture   Conceptual
For Liangzhu culture, rice, as the main food crop, plays an important role in the conservation and development of human civilisation, while rice itself is always a natural thing, only the birth and invention of food utensils make rice transform from 'thing' to 'food'. 'Therefore, the study of Liangzhu period food culture has become the main research direction of this design. The Earthenware series is designed by deconstructing and re-designing the artefacts of Liangzhu food culture, extracting the elements of food, using sustainable materials, designing new artefacts and exploring the relationship between people and food, and making comparisons. Standing in the perspective of time and space, it makes the viewers think about the role of food vessels as a' life preservation warehouse' in the history of human development, feel the ingenuity of the people in the Liangzhu period, and appreciate the significance of food vessels in the development process of Chinese civilisation.
Qichao Liu
Silver, rice straw and white glue
11 x 10 cm
Unique piece

Photo by:
Zongquan Ling

Estimated price: 1000 €

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