A pair of white gloves by Qijun Wang

Object  /  Design
White gloves have always represented majesty and sanctity, so they have become a standard for important occasions, a symbol of ritual regardless of the speed of time or the twists of space. Gold, silver and bronze are presented to nature. Every gesture and step is a kind of sacred handover, and the craftsmanship transmits the temperature of manual work. The connection between metal and white gloves is endless, and the interaction between transmission is the embodiment of value, but also the delicate relationship between people and people and things. Reverence for the material is the sanctity and respect that comes with white gloves.
The combination of white gloves and metal is chosen in this work. The candlelight burns in the dim light. The transparent luster of silver and the ratio of white gloves elements are more in line with modern people's aesthetic feelings. The candlestick is used as the medium to construct the particularity of the white gloves. The candlestick at the fingertips is at the highest point, showing an upward trend, which shows respect for metal materials. By burning, the candle directly expresses the materiality of society, and as the wax drops, it finally returns to the fingertip on the white glove, achieving harmony in another form.

Qijun Wang
A pair of white gloves
Silver, resin, brass, gloves, candles. 
Unique piece

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