Touch the Real by Qin Guo

Body piece  /  Organic   Conceptual
Statement: I am committed to studying human senses and human emotions related to touch. What kind of sensory experience can people get by wearing tactile jewellery? In daily life, we often touch the things around us, but this habitual behaviour makes us seem to ignore the rich emotions brought by touch and lose the ability to think about touch. Therefore, I hope to re-evoke people's losing senses through tactile jewellery. Human beings have empathy, and vision sometimes affects the sense of touch. When you get the sense of vision, the hand is touching something similar to the sense, so with the help of vision, even if you don’t touch, you will get a similar feeling to the touch.
Qin Guo
Body piece
Touch the Real
Plant fibre, silicone, silver.
38 x 5 x 12 cm
From series:
Did you lose your sense or touch?

Estimated price: 1000 €

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