Continue the past of Qinhuai by Qingyu Zhang

Vessel  /  Organic

Contemporary metal utensils no longer stick to the traditional modeling structure but pay more attention to the spiritual connotation of utensils. The author chooses silver as the traditional metal material and uses the weaving technique of textile art to make the contemporary metal utensils and Qinhuai lantern cross-border combination. The overall shape is solid on the outside and empty on the inside and transparent on the outside. From a distance, it looks like a utensil. From a close view, the "s" shaped pattern and the lotus on both sides are like the shadow of stagnant water. The "s" shaped curve refers to the curved and continuous Qinhuai River, and the lotus on the left and right refers to the Qinhuai lantern color handed down from generation to generation, which is the transmission of humanistic spirit in the inheritance. It is an orderly combination of traditional culture and contemporary art to carry out the implication of "reunion and beauty, harmony and happiness" of the lotus lamp in the river lamp.
Qingyu Zhang
Continue the past of Qinhuai

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