Untitled by Rebecca McDonnell

Head piece  /  Fashion   Minimalism

I am intrigued by how eyewear can be used to frame the face. With a jeweller’s aesthetic sensitivity and attention to details, my inspiration comes from a wide range of sources and inspired by the crossing of disciplines. 

My collection travels through traditional eyewear forms to more challenging conceptual pieces; drawing on Deconstructionism and how it is used within other disciplines such as interiors and architecture. Industrial fixing solutions are reduced and turned into tiny details of beauty within the structures; assemblage is used to add to the aesthetics and construction of the pieces. Using these construction techniques allowed me to use a variety of different metal for their qualities; creating a palette of options, colour and weight add division and depth within the pieces. As the collection evolved, ways of wearing were explored to create non-conventional approaches to eyewear; decorating, enhancing, framing the face.
Rebecca McDonnell
Head piece
Copper, glass, steel.
15 x 13 x 5 cm
Photo by:
Rebecca McDonnell

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