Bruce by Renee Ramaekers

Necklace  /  Playful   Pop

Post pandemic jewellery, With this theme: characters and their personality traits, I have investigated how characters can be translated into jewellery through their distinctive faces. In order to approach this translation as broadly as possible, I’ve been researching various themes such as pareidolia, masks, cartoons etc. that could support but also enrich my project both theoretically and practically. Meanwhile, in my practical research, the boundary of recognisability of these characters is constantly explored in a playful and intuitive manner. The jewellery pieces emerge from minimal elements and remind me of certain characters that I already determined beforehand or only discovered after the making process.
Renee Ramaekers
Steel, gold plated silver, pearls, bubble clay, play-do sand.
10 x 4 x 2 cm
From series:
The silly’s
Photo by:
David Huycke

Estimated price: 220 €

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