Perception nº 5 by Robert Baines

Pendant  /  Figurative   Abstract

The Australian Robert Baines is honored as a MODERN CLASSIC in 2021. He is a goldsmith and Professor Emeritus from RMIT University, Melbourne. Research into the ancient granulation technique created the basis for his extensive contemporary oeuvre in which humor and the subject of "fake" play a role. His multifaceted practice has included international exhibitions, publications, and lectures for fifty years. In his home country, he was awarded the title Living Treasure- His works are in numerous renowned public collections. The international and national prizes include the Bavarian State Prize (2005); Friedrich Becker Prize (2008), Herbert Hofmann Prize (2013), and participants in the Exempla - Master - Forum (2015) and the Cicely and Colin Rigg Crafts Prize in the National Gallery of Victoria (1997) and the Seppelt Contemporary Art Award (1998), Sydney.

With his work, Robert Baines has had a lasting impact on contemporary designer jewelry internationally.

Robert Baines
Perception nº 5
Silver, electroplate, lacquer.
5 x 5,1 x 2,5 cm

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