CyanolochbildMe by Robin Wolf

Photograph  /  Abstract
Cyanotype/pinhole camera.

Robin Wolf's experimental work is based on pinhole cameras, cyanotypes, and instant photography. His concern is the occupation with traditional techniques and their possibilities as well as their application for new conceptions and designs. The aim was to create completely new works by combining different techniques. For the pinhole camera, Robin Wolf developed fixtures and inserts made of various transparent materials that change the size of the hole, the number and position of the holes, and thus transform the appearance of the motif. The experiments with the cyanotype, demonstrate the attraction of a high proportion of white. Robin Wolf combined cyanotype with the images of the pinhole camera, creating pinhole cyanotypes with a very unique aesthetic, including very abstract motifs that stimulate the viewer's imagination. Robin Wolf also combined instant photography with cyanotype. New motifs were developed by injecting the cyanotype liquid, by drying, exposing, and soaking the polaroid. This combination also resulted in unusual and attractive works. Robin Wolf appreciates particularly the connection between the blue of the liquid in the white frame of an instant photo. The resulting works fascinate by their unusual, enigmatic motifs, the connection of recognizable objects and abstract or alienated motifs, the highlighting of atmospheric moments.

Robin Wolf
Watercolour paper.
Photo by:
Robin Wolf

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