1ª Misión: Amar a lo bestia by Rodrigo Acosta Arias

“Your mission to hunt the beast has reached its end, you’ve opened his tissues, separated each layer of skin and turned his arteries into threads, you’ve desecrated the best of him. Now is the time to abandon the battlefield and take refuge, the pain for love that is no more will unravel and disarm what remains of him.”
A military uniform jacket has helped me to recreate the subject of decorations along with their symbolism and materiality.
By de-contextualizing their use and shape, the jacket material becomes material used for decoration.
The inner space of the jacket, usually taken up with decoration and medals, comes away from the jacket creating an empty space charged with great symbolic meaning.
The fraction of jacket takes on the value of a medal by coming into contact with other elements inside the same composition.
The final artwork is made by two pieces, the jacket with its empty space and the torn fabric turned into a medal. 

Photographer: Adolfo López
Rodrigo Acosta Arias
1ª Misión: Amar a lo bestia
Silver, cotton thread, fabric, cartridge silver
9 x 11cm

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