I have a taste in jewelry by Rungfa Jantanarat

Necklace  /  Playful
Published: 07.07.2021
Rungfa Jantanarat
I have a taste in jewelry
Hard candy.
ø 30 x 3.5 cm

When I started my project, I had the idea of how to bring taste into my jewelry in a literal way, to stimulate the senses and arouse curiosity. I transformed a sugar mixture so that it would not be recognizable at first glance, and I added an unexpected flavor that did not match the color, to confuse our senses. When you touch it, it’s sticky. If you taste it, it’s sweet. It’s a temporary piece. You might regret it if you decide to finish it. But by eating it you capture the moment, the now and here, of a not-so-usual way to experience jewelry. 
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