Untitled by Sabina Dragusanu

Necklace  /  ReadyMade   Design
Sabina Dragusanu understands the works from the series “Neighbourhood Links” as material-based experiments in which she varies and continues her topic of plastic upcycling. Just as the lockdown was decided, she ran out of plastic bags. With the help of her local community website, she started asking the neighbours about plastic bags and was favourably surprised at the many responses. Almost at the same time, she began to be interested in the technique of crocheting and decided to process plastic bags in yarn. From this yarn, she crochets oval links and strands. For her, the motif of connecting different members refers to the idea that people help each other in difficult times, as she experienced in her community in south-west London. The necklace made of large oval links surprises with the irregular surface and distribution of colours - a result of the crocheting technique. The result is lively and subtle chromaticity.
Sabina Dragusanu
Upcycled plastics.
46 x 20 x 2.8 cm

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