Manthan by Sameeksha Mehra

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Traditions and values do not stay frozen in time and place–they undergo perpetual transformation through our encounters with other people in different places. We carry our respective cultures within us. Often when we move away to a distant place with a contrasting culture, our awareness of our own culture becomes much more acute. It is then that we come to appreciate ourselves as who we really are and where we truly belong.
My degree project narrates my transformative journey from the rich tapestry of Indian traditions towards contemporary Western culture. I create a dialogue between traditional, ritualistic Indian jewellery and an irreverent choice of materials and methods that have been conceived from my experiences in the West. Through this dialogue, I explore the push and pull between traditional ethos and modern sensibilities, and the transformation it engenders.
Sameeksha Mehra
Glass, silver, bronze, pearls.
From series:
Traditions and Transformation

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