You lost me by Sara Engberg

Interlinked textile brooches on the theme of geographical and mental distances. I worked intuitively on this piece, plaing with the constrained number of letters contained in the country names on a map of Central Europe. The map was originally a beautiful vintage silk scarf, printed on both sides. I hesitated for months before cutting it to pieces. Once the letters were cut out, I started playing with them randomly. "You lost me" was the first sentence that came to me. It made me think of confusion, misunderstandings and losing track of each other. I also found it quite fitting since it's a map. And there is hope, in the fact that the "you" and "me" are still tied together.
Sara Engberg
You lost me
Printed silk and felt, with silver details, silk cord
25 x 35 cm spread out (largest circle diameter: 9

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